About Us

We are a young organization with entrepreneurial vision and a strong commitment with social development in Paraguay. We are focused in the development and growth of alternative crops and encourage activities for the benefit of the community, the environment and the improvement of the standards of living of our community.

We make our spices, condiments and aromatic herbs with state of the art equipment and technology, using 100% natural raw material that we choose after a careful selection process and that we keep under a strict quality control process before and after acquisition.

The Company

Hierbapar S.A.C.I. is the industry leader in the commercialization of spices, condiments and aromatic herbs. It provides its customers with 100% natural and organic options, in a rapidly changing global market which is increasingly demanding products with these characteristics. Also, Hierbapar S.A.C.I. is the pioneer in the industrialization and commercialization of native herbs and has created a highly profitable and sustainable niche.

Hierbapar S.A.C.I. was founded in 2000. By 2003, we had built an extensive network of suppliers, contributed to the diversification of their production and became the largest wholesaler of natural herbs and spices, offering our customers more than 100 products through the main supermarket chains in the country.


Be the industry leader in innovation and distribution of products made of Natural Herbs, fulfilling international standards and with a strong commitment to our community.


Cultivate, harvest and commercialize Natural Herbs and Spices for clients who regard quality and innovation and have our products available in the points of sale at affordable prices thought state of the art technology and highly professional human resources.

Values and principles

1. Honesty
2. Creativity and Innovation.
3. Equality.
4. Dynamism.
5. Perseverance.
6. Discipline and will.
7. Respect.
8. Social responsability and commitment.
9. Temperance.
10. Transparency.