USAID Paraguay Vende

Global Compact

A local program supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), assists Hierbapar since 2004. Project sponsored by the United Nations that aims at obtaining an ethical commitment from entities in member countries, under which they will adopt as part of their core values, strategy and operations 10 principles of conduct and action related to Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Fight against corruption. Therefore, it supposes the acknowledgement of common objectives in an increasingly globalized world and constitutes the beginning of a mutually enriching collaboration that will contribute to promote progress and dignity. Hierbapar supports Global Compact and is transparent in its activities and actions, according to the principles of Global Compact.


IDB (International Development Bank)

Agreement of social responsibility under the “Managerial Responsibility in the Production of Herbs and Spices of the Small Producers”. The project proposes to improve the standard of living and to raise the income of small producers and businessmen.